I Want To Be A Ham

Everyone at some point in their life has known a Ham Radio Operator that was a friend of the family, worked with a parent or was just a ham in the neighborhood. Many people because of that influence of a Ham around their life, start their involvement in amateur radio by finding a local Ham club. Clubs often provide information about licensing, local operating practices, and technical advice and a place to meet Hams that will become your friend for the rest of your life. Many future Hams often study independently by purchasing books or other materials, sometimes with the help of a mentor, teacher, or friend. Amateurs who help newcomers are often referred to as “Elmers”. Many Elmers will not only help you study for your test, but will teach you how to operate their equipment and help you pick out your own Ham Radio equipment and guide you as you install your antennas so you can talk to the world. Yakima Amateur Radio Club. Become a ham radio operator or if you are already a ham, join today. 

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